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I am not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination. You can probably notice that if you open this website with a mobile phone. I work very hard to bring you the best content possible, but I have utterly failed at presenting this website on a mobile device. I test each and every webpage against four different browsers on my desktop (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. To my knowledge, there are no misspelled words or any presentation issues with looking at this website on a desktop.

I also check this website on an iPad against Google Chrome and Safari. To my knowlege, there are no misspelled words or any display issues with looking at this webstie on an iPad.

However, I cannot get the website (despite my best efforts) to display properly on a mobile device (phone). It looks bunched up on my Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy in Google Chrome. It does help if you turn the phone sideways to view the website. I will continue to endeavor to get this website to be as mobile-friendly as possible. Please bear with me, I am working diligently on it.

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